Thank you for your interest in MB Cable! We have recently completed a redesign of our website. Our goal is to provide you, the customers, with enough resources and information to assess how Marked and Bundled Cable can help you save time, improve safety and productivity, and reduce cost. 

We want you to have Quick Access to Tools.
We have made our interactive quote form and OD Calculator readily accessible in the Resources section. Product info is easy to get to from anywhere on the site. Need to download a PDF? Head over to resources and click download on the file you need!
We want you to Learn More About Us.
We have been custom marking and bundling cable for 10 plus years and we have experience in many different applications and industries. Providing that information is a helpful resource for you to get to see how we might be of service. And when we send out emails, you can come to the News section under Resources on our website to stay up to date (Just in case you did not receive email).
We want you to See for Yourself.

Have an opportunity? Not sure if MB Cable is the right fit? Give us a call and let our sales staff discuss if MB Cable makes sense for you.

We want your feedback.
Let us know what you think! What is beneficial for you? What would you like to see that we missed? We are just a phone call away. Or feel free to contact us today!
When it comes to jobsite safety and savings, it always helps to bundle up!