Straight Assembly (Standard Configuration)

Wire Type: THHN / XHHW / USE / CAT Cables / FPLP,FPLR / PV / LSZH / and more upon request!

Sometimes referred to as a “Spiral Wrap,” our Straight Assembly is an efficient solution to any cable run. With custom striping, marking, and bundling, you can get what you need from Point A to Point B without a hassle. And because each project is different, we are able to tailor our wire to suit your needs.

  • Can be up to 2.5” in diameter.
  • Conductors are marked with any Alpha-numeric combination at spacing intervals of 1-6 inches in either white or black ink.
  • Conductors can be striped.
  • Sequential footage marker available upon request
  • No minimum run quantities.
  • Conductors come from one manufacturer guaranteed.
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